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We stock a large collection of mattresses from top brand names. Click on a manufacturer to browse a selection or come and try for yourself instore. As well as standard mattresses, we can help you with custom sizes and special requirements such as hypo-allergenic, non-turn and anti-roll together mattresses. Please contact us for more information on the types available...

Coil/Open Spring

Coil Spring

Coil sprung mattresses are constructed using hourglass shaped springs, which are linked by a spiral wire and a retaining rod that is positioned around the top and bottom of each spring unit.

They are:

  • robust and rigid in construction
  • filled with thick insulation for comfort
  • available turnable or non-turn
  • popular with those wanting a firm tension or orthopeadic mattress
  • a durable and cost effective option
  • Pocket Spring

    Pocket Spring

    Pocket sprung mattresses are made up of individual springs housed in fabric pockets, linked together in a honeycomb manner. The springs work independently, offering unique support to the body shape.

    They are:

  • the most luxurious type of spring unit
  • designed to prevent pressure points
  • good for side sleepers
  • often used in conjuction with memory foam for the premier types of divan beds
  • available turnable or non-turn
  • Memory Foam


    Foam mattresses consist of high density durable foam which responds to your body temperature and weight. They offer a combination of support, comfort and pressure relieving properties.

    Foam matresses are:

  • temperature sensitive
  • hypo-allergenic, resistant to dust mites, bed mites and anti-bacterial. Ideal for eczema, asthma, and allergy sufferers
  • non-turn and durable, longer lasting than equivalent quality spring mattresses
  • available vacuum-packed
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